Key Facts


Humble Begining

Founded in 2003.
Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland.
Subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Research Trials

Tested by 50 doctors and 5 physiotherapists with over 3000 patients before launching. First insoles launched commercially in 2007. All products are designed in Finland.

Global Reach

Sold by retailers in 50 countries on 6 continents. Sales points include general sporting goods stores, specialty running retailers, department stores, shoe shops and medical clinics

Colombo, Sri Lanka

FootBalance Sri Lanka begins it’s operation in January 2020. Registered as FootBalance Lanka Pvt Ltd.
The visionary Entrepreneurs from diverse industries collaborated with a common goal of bringing the best, first to market. One of such initiatives is introducing the award winning, patented Finnish technology and product, FootBalance. Smooth running of FootBalance Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., maintenance of high franchise standards and the efficient management of operations is ensured by a dedicated, agile and visionary team, who collectively bring over 35 years of industry exposure to the business from various industries and business sectors.


Productive nation through footcare.


To be the company that gives highest quality footcare products by continuously improving and innovating its product range for any type of individuals in Sri Lanka to minimise risk of injuries due to imbalanced body posture and help to achieve optimum performance levels in their daily activities.
In a country that lacks awareness in foot related issues, one does not understand the consequences and the status of their own feet. Most of ailments such as inflammation, back aches, injuries due to awkward landing could be avoided with proper knowledge and remedy to balance the imbalance. This is the task of FootBalance Lanka who strives to improve the living standards of every individual in having a steady foundation for their posture.

Most of Sri Lanka’s sporting professionals suffer from various foot related issues including flat feet. One of the main tasks of FootBalance Lanka is to work with these sports personnel in giving them a helping hand. This in turn can support them in maximizing talents by avoiding injuries that is caused by imbalance of the feet. Many Cricketers, Basketball Teams, Soccer Teams both locally and internationally have become repeat purchasers once experiencing the benefits of having a custom-made insole to improve their performance in the field.

FootBalance Lanka will be expanding to other areas of the country soon to make this unique product available to all Sri Lankans.

The friendly team at FootBalance Sri Lanka is happy to answer any of your questions. Call 076 042 2200 our friendly team today to find out how FootBalance can help you.

Team Sri Lanka

Mr. Anjana Gunatillake

Anjana, an expert digital marketer with an experience of almost two decades, has been successful throughout his corporate career in diverse roles, and as an Entrepreneur. His qualification in IT and Marketing with a blend of competitive sporting background at his Alma mater, makes Anjana a key personality in propelling FootBalance Lanka to new heights. His expertise in transforming organizations and creating positive brand image where customer could relate with pride and positivity, has given FootBalance Lanka its present market share with consistent growth.

Mr. Chaminda Jayanath

Engineer by profession, Chaminda possesses immense knowledge in industrial automation solutions. His experience in dealing with multiple operational challenges, spearheading growth in numerous companies has been the key to his contribution towards the growth of FootBalance Lanka. His administration and operational consistency guarantees high quality products and standards in customer service at FootBalance Lanka.

Mr. Rushdi Navavi

Rushdi, a Sales and Marketing expert, with experience and knowledge in Logistics is a perfect blend to the dynamic trio. His acumen in trading both locally and internationally in several diversified industries has made sure the customer satisfaction and accurate product delivery is second to none at FoorBalance Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Being a famous sport personality during his young ages has brought more strength to the business.
Awards and Accreditations

2006 InnoFinland Award from the President of Finland

2010 Supplier of the Year, Intersport Finland

2010 Finalist in Service Design, Best of the Year Award, Grafia – The Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland

2010 YIC Champion 2011 Finalist, Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

2011 Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner

2016 Kauppalehti, Finland’s leading financial & business publication has certified FootBalance as a ‘Growth’ company as well as awarding an ‘Achiever’ certificate for exemplary performance and positive financial outlook

Scientifically Designed
with Your Health &
Comfort in Mind
An independent research by the University of Jyväskylä Finland and
University Salzburg Austria confirms that FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles have the potential to prevent injuries. FootBalance constantly looks to build on our background in physiotherapy.
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FootBalance Clinic
We are ready to share the success with you. If you are a qualified
hysiotherapist or a Orthopedic Medical Practioner, you can now
start your own clinic to operate the regional FootBalance Office.
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